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Krispen Hartung, September 28

Krispen Hartung, improvisational/acoustic/avant-garde/contemporary/experimental looping guitar artist. Yes, that's his real name and, yes, that's his real gig. With several shows over the next month, Hartung will be busy bringing his other-worldly music (which is sans vocals) to the people. And, just what is looping? According to Hartung's Web site (, "Loop-based music essentially involves the repetition of audio samples, or loops. From that basic premise looping moves off in numerous directions, encompassing a wide range of techniques for building, manipulating and using loops. The technique crosses many musical boundaries and appears in a wide range of musical styles and genres." There is a great deal of music available for download (and purchase) on Hartung's site. Curious to hear his sound, I scrolled down to songs from his 2004 release, Live at the Kulture Klatsch, where he is joined by peer/pal/percussionist Vincent Miresse. I downloaded "The Saga of Lord Abstractomondo." This 21-minute musical epic gave me a full aural lesson in improvisational/avant-garde looping. Even though the technical process of this music still eludes me, I now have a better understanding of it. Hartung is right to label himself avant-garde. His music is full of ethereal, new age sounds, repeating, layering, dropping-out, crescendoing, fading and constantly changing. While not great dance music (unless it's interpretive dance) this is the perfect background sound for dining, enjoying a delicious glass of wine or cup of coffee, meditating or enjoying a relaxing non-activity. If you haven't heard or heard of this type of music before, get out and listen to Hartung. Improvisational/acoustic/avant-garde/contemporary/experimental looping guitar artists don't just grow on trees.

Wednesday, September 28, 6:30 p.m., FREE, Smoky Mountain Pizza & Pasta on State St.

--Amy Atkins

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