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1332 Records' Punk Mondays, The Bouquet

Monday's child is fair of face. Too bad Monday itself is so boring. That is, until now. .Through November, you can put some black eyeliner on your fair Monday face and go slamdance the boredom away with 1332 Records' Punk Mondays at The Bouquet.

Focusing on punk and metal with a little grindcore thrown in, 1332's lineup of bands is damn impressive. Often, fans can only go hear this kind of music at house shows or select venues. Playing at a place like the Bouquet exposes these bands to a whole new set of fans and exposes a whole new set of people to this kind of music.

I was around when New Wave was the new wave in music. Bands like Duran Duran, ABC, Spandau Ballet, The Eurythmics and Berlin were on MTV sporting over-styled hair and shoulder pads and slow dancing their way through a sort of anti-punk movement. I wore leg warmers and my earrings always matched my off-the-shoulder T-shirts, but after school, I'd run home, turn on my record player and put on The Fall, The Freeze, The Misfits, Black Flag and The Clash. New Wave gave me a fashion sense (ick) and punk music gave me a voice for my teen angst. Punk made me want to stand up and slam and shout. Still does, which is why 1332's Punk Mondays are going to be such a treat.

I recently received a copy of Black Rage, the newest release by Wilt Chamberlin's Baby and a copy of 1332's latest compilation CD. They were both great. Big thanks to Leftover Kyle for getting them to me. The music definitely takes inspiration from old-school punk but has an updated feel. Punk Mondays are going to be an ass-kickin', ear-bleedin' hoot.

If your Monday face has been a little sad, go listen to Wilson St. Pub and Sluthouse Band and Crazy Stoopid Country on November 14. It's going to be night of cowpunk music that will be anything but boring.

Each Monday in November, 8 p.m., $1, The Bouquet, 1010 W. Main St.,

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