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The Dwarves, Manville, Wilson St. Pub & Sluthouse Band, 12/5, The Bouquet

The holidays are in full swing and with them come inversions, traffic jams, crowded stores, lame office parties, credit card debt and a plethora of other crap to deal with. But, among all the shit, occasionally there comes a little something that makes an otherwise unbearable season a little more joyous.

WSP&SB brings their own brand of horror movie inspired zombie-farmer rock to this Punk Monday. With songs like "Girlfriend's Dead" and "Back From the Dead," there's definitely a theme to their music. Initially, WSP&SB seemed a little too raw but it's actually their rawness that gives them their appeal. Lead singer/hollerer Byl chews up and spits out each lyric with fervor, keeping up with lightning fast guitar riffs. These guys could just have easily gone full country/western, but thank the devil they didn't.

Manville's gone through some line-up changes lately, but with a new female singer--sweet!--they're back on the ball and ready to roll (or kick and scream or smash stuff). If you don't know about Manville, um, that's just wrong. If you do know Manville, you know not to miss this show.

Rounding out the night is one of the '80s and '90s most offensive, sick and beautiful bands. The Dwarves are touring in support of their new album The Dwarves Must Die, which combines hardcore, punk, rock and even a little pop and hip-hop, blurring genre lines. The Dwarves "Massacre" laments the current state of punk, skateboarding and bands like Creed with rap, background laughs and deep drum beats. "FEFU" has simple lyrics crying out for the simpler things in life laid over driving beats and a multi-layered sound.

So, forget about shopping for a night. Go see and hear the glory that is WSP&SB, Manville and The Dwarves and get ready for a night of serious sound.

Monday, Dec. 5, 8 p.m., $8, The Bouquet, 1010 W. Main St., 345-6605

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