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The SuperVapors

Have you heard the SuperVapors? Have you heard of the SuperVapors? Even if the answer is no to the first question, it's probably yes to the second. Hardly a week goes by without a listing in the BW music guide on at least one day if not two or three. These guys are everywhere!

Dan Deluca (vocals and bass), Tom Taylor (vocals and guitar) and Todd Belcher (drums and percussion) have gotten together to form a trio dedicated to melodic and multi-dimensional sounds. Deluca plays smooth bass lines and has a sweet voice. His original songs are fresh and the SuperVapors credit him with their signature sound.

Belcher is a respected musician whose rhythm and skills give the band a strong base on which to build. He adds really interesting bits of sound where they're least expected but most effective.

Taylor has recorded three albums on his own and his low, emotional singing and skillful guitar abilities have landed him on tour with artists like Aaron Neville and Cheap Trick.

As a whole, the SuperVapors have a layered sound that stays on the lighter side of rock without ever falling off the edge into easy listening. They play mature music comparable to the likes of Toad the Wet Sprocket or The Bradbury Press. They have plans to head into the studio this month and an EP should be available soon. I've had a chance to listen to their demo CD, and for a demo, it's well produced. It's beautifully mixed and it's really easy to distinguish the instruments and sounds from one another. Taylor told me this CD was recorded live and then studio processed. It's a great sampling of the SuperVapors's sound, but nothing beats a live performance. This week, they'll be at Sockeye Grill and Brewery on Friday, December 9, which is the perfect, intimate setting in which to see these guys (plus, Sockeye has killer happy hour specials on food). Head down for a burger, a brew and a great band and keep your eye on the SuperVapors: If hard work is the key to success, these guys are destined for big things.

Friday, December 9, 7 p.m., FREE, Sockeye Gill and Brewery, 3019 Cole Rd., 658-1533

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