Go Green and Slurp in Style With Metal Straws 

Straws Remain a Bricolage Best-Seller

The basic design of the straw hasn't changed much over time, novelties aside. It's a tube with two open ends.

There are plastic bendy straws, which are so frat party all that's missing is a red Solo cup. Or there are crazy straws—which, while cool looking, epically slow down the time it takes for booze to hit your tongue. And cocktail straws are fine, but that plastic is just going to wind up languishing in a landfill.

What's the smartest way to slurp down a stiff drink after a long day? Metal cocktail straws are where it's at, especially on the Boise bar scene.

If you've been to Red Feather Lounge, you may recognize these iconic stainless steel straws, which accompany stiff artisan cocktails like the Averee or the Rye Knot. Recently, the staff at Red Feather has been routing straw-curious customers over to Bricolage, where they can pick up a set of 10 metal cocktail straws for $24.

Called Good Straws, they are made locally by Noel Weber at Classic Design Studio. Understandably, they're one of Bricolage's top-selling items.

The set of 10 5-inch straws comes mounted in a piece of wood that serves as both decoration and storage. The reuseable straws will keep your home bar well-equipped, and best of all, they're tougher than nails.

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