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On the plate of reviewer No. 2

Back before I started working at Boise Weekly, I held several office jobs. The companies were housed in stand-alone buildings, the concept of the office complex where a number of different businesses share space was still a few years off. If I didn't pack one, I would have to drive somewhere for lunch. The close proximity of BWHQ to a number of choice downtown eateries means I'm walking distance from a midday meal.

Good Thyme Grille and Catering in Meridian also caters to the nine-to-fivers who work in the maze of offices nearby. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in lots of light and the bistro-in-a-box furniture adds to the airy ambiance, guaranteeing that the restaurant will not be a likely destination for clandestine meetings. But Good Thyme does have something that, in my secretary days, would have been considered a benefit as welcome as paid time off: breakfast. Granted, the only morning menu item is a breakfast burrito, but flour tortilla-wrapped ingredients are an early morning repast that have earned a rightful place next to the waffle and the bowl of cereal. And a $5 bill at Good Thyme gets a mover or a shaker a breakfast burrito and a glass of fruit juice, moo juice or java on the table.

Burritos ($3.29) at Good Thyme start with a base of scrambled eggs, seasoned potatoes, cheddar cheese and ranchero sauce. Sausage, bacon, ham, turkey or chicken can be added for a pittance ($1.40 each) and tri-tip, roast beef, corned beef or pastrami can be added for a pittance plus ($1.89 each). Extras like egg beaters and avocado ($.99 each) or sour cream and sprouts ($.50) are also an option.

I substituted egg beaters and added bacon and avocado to mine; the I.T. Guy kept it pure, adding sausage to his.

With stomachs growling so loud it sounded like we had angry puppies in our pockets, the I.T. Guy and I supplemented our breakfast order with a shared plate-sized cinnamon roll to start ($1.55). We were handed huge ceramic mugs for the self-serve coffee station, and poured ourselves thick, strong cups of java ($1.39). The disc-shaped roll was homemade but dry and though it had been microwaved, it could have stood a little more warmth--maybe a minute or two in a convection or toaster oven--and some melted butter. It was served on ceramic as well, but the plastic utensils that came with it indicated Good Thyme's focus is more on the catering and to-go side of the business, something our server confirmed.

Our big ol' burritos arrived in short shrift. They came with actual silverware, and instead of hefting our burritos in our eager hands, we knifed and forked those bad boys. Plenty of bacon and sliced fresh avocado--a nice touch--wound their way through cheesy bites of egg and potato in mine. The spicy sausage, which had the look and feel of a diced-up breakfast pork patty, in the I.T. Guy's was plentiful enough to fill the wrap to the bottom.

The 'rritos were sided with three choices of salsa, which in true catering fashion, came in little portable plastic containers. The verde and marron versions hit my hot spot, so I upended the cup of cool, crisp pico de gallo. In between preparing for a delivery job, our chef noticed my pico preference and brought a couple more servings, both of which joined their fore-gallo on my plate.

A long list of gourmet sandwiches and salads with prices that would fit in even the tightest work-a-day budget suggested that a return trip for lunch is in order.

I don't miss those cubicle-enclosed days, watching a torturously slow clock tick its way to 5 p.m. five days a week. Time flies by so fast now that I often don't stop to think about lunch until late afternoon. I wish back then I'd had a place like Good Thyme Grille nearby. I might have looked forward to going to work.

--Amy Atkins wishes she had more thyme in each day.

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