Grapes Against Wrath 

Though he lacks the name recognition of Hulk Hogan, real connoisseurs of professional wrestling hold Mick Foley in far higher esteem. His wrestling personas Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love were routinely savaged with thumbtacks, barbed wire and folding chairs. But Foley survived to become wrestling commissioner and pen four best-selling books.

In an excerpt from his newest book, Countdown to Lockdown, recently posted on, Foley discusses his weekly volunteer work with victims of rape and domestic violence. And in a recent video interview with, he further discusses societal responsibility for a culture that allows such behavior.

Though the average person doesn't have as much impact as Mick Foley, his advocacy and action still set a positive example for others to follow. Boiseans, wrestling fans and everyone else can follow Foley's lead by attending the Ninth Annual Grapes Against Wrath event on Thursday, Oct. 14. It's an evening of wine and live jazz with the proceeds going to Idaho Partners Against Domestic Violence, who operate prevention programs and help provide legal services for victims.

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