The Broadway version, sans Travolta, in Boise

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Grease? John Travolta and Olivia Newton John in body-hugging black singing and dancing their way into each other's hearts, right? Or maybe you just wanted to say "... is the word." You're not alone.

People have fallen in love with the 1978 movie version of the tale, but before it was the movie most can quote verbatim, it was an off-Broadway production that originated in Chicago in 1971, and it was grittier and darker than what we know today. After being nominated for seven Tony awards in 1972 Grease moved to Broadway where the likes of John Travolta and the then-unknown Richard Gere were members of the cast. A year later, the musical jumped the pond and Richard Gere scored the lead role. Since then it has been revived and remade, with the most recent reincarnation being the one that will make a stop in Boise this week as part of the Fred Meyer Broadway in Boise series.

So bust out the poodle skirts and black leather, practice your Hand Jive, and cruise on down to the Morrison Center to get your kicks in "while you're still young enough to get 'em." And while the show is in town.

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