Find: Greeting Cards at John Carpenter's Flowers 

In the mid-January wake of Christmas past and New Year's present, it's not easy to get excited about greeting cards. After all, most of us were lucky to mail holiday cards on time. But if you've got a soft spot for brightly colored stock printed with clever salutations, here's a surprise.

John Carpenter's Flowers, situated next to Big City Coffee in the Linen District, offers more than flowers. Though perhaps best known as a hub for wedding and event-planning, this shop also has an impressive selection of greeting cards. MikWright Cards, self-proclaimed pace-setters for "outlandish and provocative humor," live up to that claim on every level. They use candid snapshots of family, friends and business associates and then print hilarious snippets of dialog inside the cards. It's the kind of stuff no one really says--but they could if they weren't afraid to shock. We spent a half hour pouring over 50 different cards for different occasions, constantly erupting in side-splitting giggles.

If your sensibilities need an even heavier assault, look no farther than Offensive + Delightful cards, which are fouler in language but every bit as funny. For example, "Although this birthday card is late, I really think you're fucking great--happy belated birthday!" Nothing is sugar-coated, as these cards have been created "exclusively for the wicked and the brilliant." But if your card recipients are neither faint of heart nor easily offended, they will certainly be delighted to chuckle at what's barely fit to print.

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