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President Barack Obama secures re-election

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Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, was re-elected to a second term Tuesday night, crafting a masterful campaign where he garnered impressive margins of votes from women and minorities.

Republicans were stunned when shortly after 9 p.m. on Election Night, network after network gave the election to Obama over GOP hopeful Mitt Romney who waged a well-financed, impressive but ultimately losing effort.

Initially,Obama was projected to secure 274 electoral votes to Romney's 249 electoral votes. Though several states were expected to count all of their votes well into the early morning hours, any possible path to victory for Romney was negated. Within two hours, Obama was projected to secure 284 electoral votes to Romney's 203.

GOP operatives were particularly shocked to see Obama's impressive showings in Florida, New Hampshire and Wisconsin which were integral paths to Romney's winning strategy which which evaporated into the November evening's air.

The Associated Press, along with various other news sources called the election in Obama's favor, after he was projected to win the key battleground state of Ohio.

Obama then posted on his twitter account:

This happened because of you. Thank you.

The AP wrote that Romney staffers all expressed shock that so many states had voted for Obama.

In a moving video by BBC News, Romney supporters expressed sorrow that their candidate had not won the presidency.

Karl Rove, for one, was incredulous after Fox News called the election in Obama's favor, the New York Times reported. “We’ve got to be careful about calling this when we have 991 votes separating the candidates,” he scolded them. “I’d be very cautious about intruding into this process.”

The New York Times reported that the United States's decision to re-elect Obama gives him "another four years to put in place policies that he had argued would continue to move the country along to economic recovery."

The AP also reported that according to projections, Democrats are expected to maintain control over the Senate, while Republicans will have majority in the House of Congress.

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