Guns and the Constitution 

Wednesday, Jan. 27

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Amid an ongoing and heated national debate over gun rights, former National Rifle Association President Sandra Froman is set to visit Boise this afternoon, where she will debate constitutional scholar Shaakirrah Sanders over what standards should be applied when evaluating gun laws.

The debate, which is free to attend, is scheduled to take place at 4:45 p.m. at Concordia University School of Law (501 W. Front St.).

Froman, educated at Stanford and a juris doctor degree-holder from Harvard, has a long history with the NRA, serving as a member of the organization's board of directors since 1992. She served as second vice president of the NRA under former President Charlton Heston and was elected to the presidency in 2005—an office she held for the maximum two terms. Following her final term, Froman was elected to a lifetime appointment on the NRA Executive Council. Her chief goals as NRA president were to push for public concealed carry laws and "work to get good judges appointed." She currently practices law in Tucson, Ariz.

Shaakirrah Sanders - UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO
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Sanders, who teaches at the University of Idaho College of Law, was educated at Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., and holds a juris doctor degree from Loyola University of Law in New Orleans. She joined the U of I College of Law in 2011, lecturing on constitutional law as it pertains to government structure and individual rights. Sanders specializes in confrontation and felony sentencing rights, civil and criminal jury trial rights, LGBT rights and marriage equality, and agricultural security legislation. She recently weighed in on a lawsuit filed by Meridian Cinemas against the Idaho State Police over the state's strict obscenity law, which prohibits the serving of alcohol during the screening of films containing sexual content.

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