Haff Brewing Moves to Garden City and Reel Foods Opens an Oyster Bar 

Seafood and another brewery

Garden City's Booze Belt is getting another tenant: Haff Brewing. The microbrewery is moving in next door to Cobby's Sandwich Shop, adjacent to the 44th Street Wineries cluster. Though owner Brian Haff originally planned to open the brewery in downtown Meridian, he changed his mind.

"It's a tough market in Meridian. ... I think it's just a little too far outside of where the craft beer drinker is willing to go," said Haff. "I think as a start-up, we definitely want to be where the people are and where the people are already hanging out."

Haff Brewing will feature a small tasting room with 20-25 seats situated next to a seven-barrel electric brew system. Haff says he and brewer Derek Anderson want a vibrant aesthetic.

"We're fans of color and metal, so I think we're going to have a lot of bright colors," said Haff. "I think it'll look a lot different than some of the other breweries; a lot of people are using woods and earth tones and that's just not me."

That bright, funky theme will influence Haff's brews, as well.

"One of our beers is a watermelon wheat dry-hopped with Galaxy," said Haff. "We're working on a hibiscus Belgian wit and that will be kind of our flagship pale beer. Just a lot of fun beers that you wouldn't really expect to see but that are going to be put together real well."

Haff is currently waiting on permits and hopes to be open by late summer. For more information, visit Haff Brewing's Facebook page.

Moving from start-ups to established brands, Reel Foods Fish Market and former Brick Oven Bistro co-owner Stephanie Telesco are expanding the market's line of lunch and grab-and-go dinner items.

"We don't have it totally set, but we'll do things like shrimp salads, seafood Louie's, shrimp Louie's, shrimp cocktails, different types of seafood cocktails, soups, chowders," said Telesco. "[A]lso we're going to be developing dinner items so you can come in and it'll be the fish plus a sauce that you can just grab and take home; simple, quick."

Reel Foods will also be opening an oyster bar that will serve a rotating assortment of fresh oysters, along with beer and wine. Patrons can slurp oysters at the market's new counter or on the outside patio tables.

"When we say oyster bar, people come and tell us what they want and then we shuck the oysters for them," said Telesco.

Telesco says Reel Foods hopes to implement these new elements over the next two to three weeks.

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