Haggle Over Second-hand Music Equipment at Hagglefest 

Saturday, Dec. 10

Winter sports enthusiasts seem to have a nearly inexhaustible supply of activity-related knickknacks they've accumulated over the years. That's why ski swaps are such revered annual events. They give riders the opportunity to purge their garage of extra goggles and outgrown gloves and offer up their trash for others to treasure.

But skiers and snowboarders aren't the only ones with an excess of gadgets. Though musicians generally start out with little more than a single instrument, it doesn't take long until their garage bands overfloweth with pedals, percussion gizmos, amps, cables and a stack of Frankenstrat gadgets created after a long evening of drinking.

However, despite the revered annual tradition of swapping, there has been no single repository for weird old pedals and gasmask-harmonicas--with the exception of Craigslist, which doesn't offer them in one single location. Until now.

Ladies and gentleman, musicians and gift-shoppers of all ages, step right up and take part in the inaugural Hagglefest on Friday, Dec. 10, at The Venue.

The event will feature local musicians of all sorts who will bring in their used gear to swap or sell. There will also be on-site diagnostics and repair, in case that "slightly used" amp is a little more used than slightly.

However great the deals may be, event organizers are billing it as just as much of a chance to network as it is to score a new axe. So wear your chatty shoes to go with your deal-hunting cap, and bring your band's sticker to go on the "guest wall."

There is a $10 seller-registration fee--as well as a five-item limit--which includes entry. Proceeds will benefit the Boise Rock School, Radio Boise and Think Boise First.

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