Happy 10th Anniversary, Facebook. Here Are 7 Things We Really Don't Like About You 

The biggest Facebook pet peeve? Hint: It has to do with oversharing.

We love you, Facebook. Really, we do.

But you can be really annoying sometimes.

A new survey by the Pew Research Center shows there are more than a few things users dislike about using the world's largest social network as it turns 10 on Tuesday. (100 days of selfies. Need I say more?)

Here are seven of the worst offenders, ranked by percentage. We decided to illustrate each one using examples from the Facebook account of one of America's least favorite (okay, we were being kind... "most hated") celebrities, Paris Hilton:

1. Oversharing

Does anyone really want to know if your BFF is having her period?

Or, in this case, which designer dress Paris Hilton is wearing at this particular hour of the day?

Didn't think so. And according to Pew's survey, not many others do either.

Thirty-six percent of Facebook users surveyed "strongly dislike" people sharing too much information about themselves. It's tied with the next item on our list as the most-hated thing about the social network.

2. Others posting things about you or pictures of you without asking

Got tagged by your husband in a photo from your honeymoon? Sweet.

Got tagged doing a keg stand at the company Christmas party by a random co-worker? Uncool, and potentially career-ending.

It's no wonder, then, that 36 percent of Facebook users hate being tagged in a post or photo without being asked for permission, according to the new survey.

Obviously, we're not sure if Paris asked permission before tagging her friends and sister in this pic. But would you be surprised if she didn't?

3. Others seeing posts or comments they weren't supposed to

Oops. Did Paris' mother know she was riding the shoulders of random men at Coachella last year?

(Kidding. She's a grown woman and can do whatever she wants.)

But the idea of people seeing posts or comments they weren't supposed to is a big deal to 27 percent of Facebook users, according to the Pew survey.

The lesson here, folks? Triple check before you post. (And don't do it under the influence.)

4. Feeling pressure to overshare

Uh oh. Paris Hilton is posting sexy pics of her latest Halloween costume.

So are all your friends. Should you do the same?

Feeling the pressure or temptation to share too much information about yourself is the fourth most-hated thing about Facebook, according to 24 percent of users surveyed by Pew.

We've all been there with photos of people's pets, baby bumps or exercise regimens clogging up our news feed.

5. Feeling pressure to be/post "popular" things

Sure, Paris Hilton has a lot more Facebook friends and followers than most people ever will.

But some still feel the need to be "popular" and post status updates and/or photos that will get a lot of "likes" and comments.

Twelve percent of users in Pew's Facebook survey rated it as a problem.

No one wants to relive high school, right?

6. Feeling pressure to comment on your friends' stuff

This also drew a big dislike from 12 percent of Facebook users in the survey by Pew.

Classic scenario: Your friend from high school just had a baby.

That means you MUST like or comment on that pic she just posted of her red, wrinkled bundle of joy, right? No matter how ugly you think that kid is.

She'll know if you don't. And so will Paris.

7. Seeing posts about social activities you weren't invited to

Just 5 percent of Facebook users surveyed by Pew don't like this aspect of Facebook, but haven't we all felt that sting before?

Imagine if Paris had promised to bring YOU to "The Bling Ring" premiere. Then you saw this.

The nerve of that girl. Seriously.

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