Harvest Moon Recap and Tour de Coop Scoop 

Under swaying lanterns strung low across the Grove, you could just make out the firefly glint of hundreds of half-full wine glasses. On the evening of Sept. 4, the Harvest Moon Dinner--an annual local food and wine event hosted by the Capital City Public Market--celebrated late-summer's bounty with plenty of fresh, local produce, abundant wine and lots of conversation.

The six-course meal featured a number of local culinary stars, including Brick 29 Bistro's Dustan Bristol, who made a braised pork belly BLT salad with heirloom tomatoes; Red Feather Lounge's Andrew Mayer, who crafted zucchini and sweet corn fritters with a tomatillo verde sauce; and Paul Faucher, who whipped up local chicken two ways, with caramelized onions and potato puree.

And though the vibe was mildy swank, local-foods aficionados didn't let things get too stuffy. Before the live auction, a few farmers and musicians took to the stage to perform a "local foods" musical.

"Philip Morris says they are the largest food firm in our land / a reason for great confidence / oh you bet / Makes us wonder if we need a special filter for our food / like the one that brings good health to cigarettes."

The musical number culminated in a sing-along chorus, complete with scrawled out signs, "Buy local / Help out the farmers / Won't you come and join the local market band? / Bring your neighbors!"

For more information on next year's Harvest Moon Dinner, visit capitalcitypublicmarket.com.

Speaking of clucking awesome times, on Saturday, Sept. 11, you can embark on "an extreme urban chicken adventure" with the inaugural Boise Tour de Coop. For $5, tour registrants receive a map guiding them to a number of notable local chicken coops. You can wander into strangers' back yards around town from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., checking out coop design and learning how backyard chickens contribute to the local food economy. After 2 p.m., head over to the North End Organic Nursery for a free, family friendly after party with food, drinks and prizes.

Early-bird registration at eventbee.com/view/tvfctourdecoop2010. Day-of registration, 9:30 a.m., $5, Capital City Public Market information booth, boisechickens.blogspot.com.

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