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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with DJ Revolve

DJ Revolve is not an easy dude to get a hold of. Whether he's spinning the night away, shredding powder or kayaking some Class Fives in the summer, it seems like life is always full steam ahead for this local turntablist. We finally caught up with him while he was snowboarding to get some of his takes about being a DJ, and the new hip-hop push here in Boise.

Name: DJ Revolve aka Preston Woods

Age: 32

Low Down: Turntable technician, seven-year veteran at Neurolux.

Locations: Neurolux on Fridays, and now The Bouquet on Thursdays..

Good to finally catch you man. Let's cover some basics: Years spinning?

Probably ... 11 years now? Twelve years maybe? Twelve years I think is how long I have been playing around with turntables.

How is it being a DJ at the Neurolux? Any crazy stories come to mind?

Man I'm sure a little bit of everything goes on down there you know? I kind of stay up in my booth and out of it all really. Lots of dancing and lots of drinking—just people having fun is what I see. Nothing to crazy comes to mind, you think being a DJ you would have that great story to tell, but really it's pretty mellow. A few fights here and there, but nothing out of control.

What other local DJs are killing it right now?

Noah Hyde, I always look up to that guy man. He's started to move on—making his own beats with Eleven and is definitely killing it right now. DJ Flow as well. He's the man, a local genius.

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How is spinning for Hip Hop Night at the Bouquet going?

Yeah, it's really good man. Getting the B-boys down there, getting some MC's down there. DJ Flow has also made some surprise visits with his third table-table and mad scratching. It has been really fun and has given me a chance to play some hip-hop that I really like to play. Not really worried about catering to a dance floor other than The B-boys—they pretty much dance to whatever I play. So yeah, it's been really fun for me. A good gig that gives me a chance to play a lot of the stuff I normally don't get to play.

What do you think about the Metal DJ movement of the late '90s? You know the ones, like the Limp Bizkit and Incubus dudes?

(Laughs) I don't know—I missed out on that whole scene.

What is more likely for DJ Revolve's future: Spinning Incubus licks or having to kill somebody in prison?

Well ... (Laughs) I don't have any Incubus songs so ... I don't know. But on the other hand I also don't see myself pulling off any murders in prison. I'll just pretend neither of those nightmares will ever happen.

How does it make you feel when intoxicated patrons stumble up to your booth and request Michael Jackson?

It's all good dude. To each their own. It definitely is a phenomenon, you know. A lot of people aren't comfortable dancing to songs they aren't familiar with. But you know how it is ... everyone is familiar with "Billy Jean."

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What about hard core gangster rap requests?

Uh ... not really my thing. I like to throw it in every once in awhile. There are some classic beats that definitely help get people out on the dance floor. I'll throw on some Dre every once in awhile and some N.W.A. I keep it pretty minimal. I am from Twin Falls, Idaho, man. Not much of a gangster.

You want me to put that in the interview dude?

(Laughs) I don't care.

So did you ever meet any G's in Twin Falls that called their girlfriends "Bay-bay?"

To each their own, once again.

How about DJ Revolve in 2009? What can we expect?

Well I keep hoping that, you know, this whole Bouquet thing gets going. It's just brand new for me, and I think Boise is ready for it. Just focusing on underground hip-hop—something other than the Top 40 crap they play on the radio. Not worried about making everyone dance, just making good lounge music and a good place to go. Boise is definitely ready for that.

Right. Any last shout outs before we close?

Thanks to the Neurolux and The Bouquet and everyone that has been coming down and watching me play.

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