Headlines for Feb. 19, 2017: What to Know 

  • Bingo Barnes
  • In what may be a record for launching a re-election campaign, President Donald Trump told a crowd of 9,000 at the Space Coast town of Melbourne, Fla. Saturday, that he was getting very, very comfortable in the White House. "Never let it be said that President Trump waits until the last minute," wrote this morning's New York Times. "With just 1,354 days until the next presidential election, Mr. Trump kicked off his re-election campaign here with a boisterous, sign-waving, slogan-chanting, patriotic-song-singing rally that lacked only an opponent for him to run against." Meanwhile, Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) appeared on Meet the Press and had some choice word for Trump's ongoing demonizing of the press. Such talk, McCain said, was "how dictators get started."

  • Monday is President's Day, meaning most city, county, state and federal offices will be closed. Most K-12 public school districts will be closed (students in the West Ada School District will be going to class, though, to begin making up for their many snow days in January). Boise State University and the College of Western Idaho will also be closed. Trash collection will run on a normal schedule this coming week and ValleyRide buses will be running their normal schedule on Monday.
  • Per tradition, the Idaho Legislature will not be taking a holiday on Monday, which is the 43rd legislative day of the 2017 session. Among the agenda items Monday is another proposal from Rep. Greg Chaney (R-Caldwell) regarding the role of local law enforcement in dealing with immigrants. Chaney sparked a firestorm with an earlier proposal that would outlaw sanctuary cities and counties in Idaho. His new measure will be presented to the House State Affairs Committee.
  • Bill Maher is getting some significant pushback in the wake of his Friday night softball interview of Milo Yiannopoulos, senior editor at Breitbart News. The Washington Post dubbed the interview a "bromance" while The New York Times called the conversation a "docile, chummy affair."  The Daily Beast characterized the interview as  "backslapping," with Yiannopoulos "playing to [Maher's] vanity." Yiannopoulos is infamous for his racist, homophobic rhetoric, and was even permanently banned from Twitter in 2016. But comedian and former Daily Show correspondent Larry Wilmore, another panelist on Maher's HBO show, had heard enough when Yiannopoulos chastised another panelist, former U.S. Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Malcolm Nance. Yiannopoulos turned to Maher, saying, "You always invite such awful people on your show. They're so stupid." And that triggered this retort from Wilmore:
"First of all, hold on, Bill: You can go fuck yourself,” Wilmore said to Yiannopoulos. “If your argument is that these people are stupid, you didn’t hear a word this man [Nance] said earlier in the segment, because he can talk circles around your pathetic, douchey little ass from England, alright?”

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