Heavy News Followed by Heavenly Pizza 

With no shortage of big issues and fraught political news, we cast a wide net in this week's edition of Boise Weekly.

On Page 8, staff writer Harrison Berry addresses the ongoing rise in tensions surrounding law enforcement and people of color, following a month of tragedies: First, the deaths of two black men in Baton Rouge, La. and Falcon Heights, Minn., killed a day apart in early July by police in circumstances many have labeled excessive use of force. Second, the mass murder of police in Dallas by a gunman who allegedly stated his goal was to kill white people in general and white officers in particular.

As the furor over law enforcement reform has reached a fever pitch, another mass shooting of police occurred in Baton Rouge on July 17—marking yet one more tragedy in a city already grappling with police-related violence.

Amid this seemingly ceaseless bloodletting, Berry wondered what the newest of Americans make of the state of relations between police and the communities of color they serve. What he found was the Boise Police Department's commitment to engaging with refugee populations, and a sense that while there is some worry over violence, Boise remains a place of safety.

We turn to economics and workplace safety, with a report on the death of a dairy worker and what is being done to ensure casualties such as this aren't repeated. On Page 9, BW intern Taryn Hadfield checks in with Idaho industry leaders on what the UK's decision to leave the EU could mean for Gem State exporters.

As the Ghostbusters reboot hit theaters, the handwringing among (mostly male) fans that the female-led cast had hijacked the franchise continued to generate headlines. BW screen guru George Prentice sat for back-to-back screenings of Ghostbusters and Absolutely Fabulous, and was thrilled to see big-budget comedy gold coming from two films with women-led casts. Nonetheless, structural gender inequality in Hollywood scriptwriting and critics' circles remains an institutional problem. Get more on Page 19.

Finally, we figured it was a good time to grab a slice, so we headed to North End Pizza, a new addition to Hyde Park. Check out our review on Page 20.

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