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The devil you know.

The devil you know.

In his play No Exit, Jean-Paul Sartre wrote that "Hell is other people." It's a soundbite that stuck. We're more accustomed to talking about hell as a place we're in right now or a place where we've been, rather than a spiritual concept reserved for baddies. Dante had a different vision of hell. In his Divine Comedy, which he divided into "Hell," "Purgatory" and "Paradise," Dante explored an afterlife where punishment, penance and reward were doled out metaphorically.

It's in this spirit that Story Story Night kicks off its Late-Night summer series Monday, June 29 at Visual Arts Collective with "Hell: Stories of the Ultimate Burn."

Featured storytellers will share their own visions of "the bad place" and, like all diabolical doings, this event is rated R. Tickets cost $10 and the show starts at 8 p.m. "Hell" will be followed by "Purgatory: Stories of Being Stuck in the Middle with You" Monday, July 27, and "Paradise: Stories of Buying a Stairway to Heaven" Monday, Aug. 31.

In other hellish news, a 1332 Records (666 x 2 = 1332, or twice the evil) showcase is set for Sunday, June 27, at Knitting Factory. For nearly 12 years, the local record company has been releasing albums in that most tenacious of genres: punk. If you're reeling from the battle-heavy valar morghulis-ness of Game of Thrones, a raucous night of music by The Useless, P36, Nude Oil, The Jerkwadz and Trigger Itch might help release some pent-up emotions.

Tickets are only $8 at the door or get them free in advance from the bands, 1332 Records, Gig's Music/Musician's Pro Shop and Hot Topic in Boise Towne Square Mall. Now, that is some cheap therapy.

In another kind of hellish news, Supersuckers singer and bassist Eddie Spaghetti has been diagnosed with stage 3 oropharynx cancer. In an open letter on supersuckers.com, Spaghetti's wife wrote how they received a call on June 15 "that would change everything. Like E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G." Spaghetti is scheduled to undergo surgery Monday, June 29, followed by radiation therapy. The Supersuckers' summer European tour is cancelled, and "plans to release the next Supersuckers album are in jeopardy." Best wishes to the Spaghetti family.

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