Hemp, Hemp Hooray 

All of the brews this week have a hemp connection: One is named for a sweet sativa strain, one is brewed with hemp seed and the third gives a nod to both a stoner movie and a cannabis variety of the same name. As an aside, industrial hemp is making a comeback, the 2014 Farm bill having lifted the U.S. government's previous ban on hemp cultivation.

Double Mountain Sweet Jane IPA, $4.79-$5.79

The fluffy, three-finger head slowly slips away from this copper-tinged brew. Subtle aromas are marked by soft, leafy hops backed by a sweet mix of tropical fruit, cherry and a touch of toffee. This is my style of IPA: The hops are ever-present, but not too aggressive. They compliment the mild caramel malt and subtle citrus flavors.

New Belgium The Hemperor HPA, $2.49-$2.99

This one is brewed with hemp, more specifically the hearts of hemp seeds that have been sterilized to meet the tangle of regulatory laws. It pours a dark gold with a decent head that leaves a glass-clinging lace. The first whiff? Heady weed that mellows out as you sip. The flavors are an easy-drinking mix of smooth malt, soft hops and light lemon. I bet you can't drink just one.

Stone Tangerine Express IPA, $1.99-$2.49

The massive eggshell head that tops this hazy orange-tinged brew persists nicely. As you might expect from a Stone IPA, the nose is dominated by citrusy hops, with a touch of orange coming through. Unlike some fruit-enhanced ales, here the tangerine flavors lurk beneath the bitter hop profile. It's a great choice for IPA lovers looking for something a little different.

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