Here is This Week's NYT Crossword Grid 

Due to a printing error, we inadvertently had the wrong New York Times crossword grid accompanying the clues in this week's  issue of Boise Weekly.

Our deepest apologies. 

Below, you'll find the proper grid to match this week's clues: 
1Tennis judge’s cry
6Locks in a barn?
10Icon leading to checkout
14Traveled in trunks?
18Large green moths
19Dateless, say
21It’s frequently in Italian
22Greek ally in the “Iliad”
2313579 AZ
25Hash houses
27Country on the Red Sea
28Home sick?
29Brackish coastal habitat
30Citrus drink
31Egyptian god of the universe
33It often comes before the fall
34Summer clock setting: Abbr.
36Large large skip skip
43Victoria’s Secret item
46Sandra Denton, in hip-hop’s “Whatta Man” trio
48A miner concern?
49Opening in a battlement
50Some transitional movie shots
52Sporting a feathery crest
55First name on the Supreme Court
56AT hot dog hot dog RA
60The Lions or Tigers, on scoreboards
61Many a fête d’anniversaire attendee
62Writer Wiesel
63Invincibility power-up in Mario games
65Blow away
66Wound + dis
72“____ Vickers,” Sinclair Lewis novel
74Doesn’t keep
75Perch for a pie
76Comment on a blog
78Dad ____
79After all deductions
80P P
     U U
     B B
84Big name in watches
86Creator of a draft
88All you can eat
91Six-foot runner?
92Cut, as a log
93Scratch (out)
94Per spire
99Farrokh Bulsara ____ Freddie Mercury
101____ Caovilla, Italian shoe designer
102Part of a buck
104End of the British alphabet
107Something studied in toponymy
112Altar avowal
113Creator of the detective Adam Dalgliesh
116Fiery peppers
117Yearn do
119Currier’s partner
120Something to take lying down
121Grassy expanse
122Certain reunion attendee
123It’s better than never, they say
124Spanish title: Abbr.
125Pivot around an axis
126Less crazy

1White sheet
2Broadway’s McDonald
4Kept on going
5Evictor of the Jews in “Fiddler on the Roof”
6Palindromic title
7Pint-glass fill
8“That’s all wrong!”
9Off-road motorcycle race
10Street fleet
11What a Mercator projection map notably distorts
12____ Bridge (Venice landmark)
13Like some yoga
14Explosion fragments
15Small dam
16Trojan ally in the “Iliad”
17Moonshine maker’s need
20Cornerstone abbr.
24Puts in order
26Political refugees
32Announcement over a plane’s P.A.
35Like cleats
37Minute amount
38Test for a college sr.
39“Father ____” (bygone British sitcom)
40Store event that people may stand in line for
42Give a major lift
43Soul sister, say
44____ avis
45Garden parties?
47Telepathy term
51Children’s author Blyton
53Abbr. that rhymes with “bill,” appropriately
54Woodworking tool
57Catbird seat?
58“At Seventeen” singer Janis ____
59He wore No. 6 for the Sixers
63Like some clean energy
64Ones place
67Boiling blood
68“Ask ____ …”
70Satellite connection
71Eldest Stark son on “Game of Thrones”
72Manhattan Project creation
73Baseball’s Garciaparra
77Long haul
79Durable yellow cotton cloth
81Grassy expanse
82Boy king in Shakespeare’s “Richard III”
83Atlanta-to-Miami dir.
85Transmission part
86Groceries holder
87Genetic-info carrier
90What all people are, per the Bible
92Cardinal letters
95“____, My God, to Thee” (hymn)
96Sings the blues
100Hank who voices Moe and Chief Wiggum
103Lyric poem
105German port in Lower Saxony
106Two in the hand
107Knight who co-founded Nike
108What obsidian forms from
109Partner of aid
110Lion’s share
111“Cómo ____ usted?”
114Norwegian P.M. Stoltenberg


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