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Re: “Boise Unveiling Plan for Seven New Off-Leash Areas

"Everybody is entitled to have MY F'ing dog jumping up on them or sniffing around them or biting them whenever I or it damn well pleases"...

(My best friend was bitten by one of these dog-keeping morons' "pet" animal a few days ago while she was out for a what was otherwise supposed to be just a pleasant walk IN TOWN and completely minding her own business...
(We have BOTH been repeatedly harrassed, menaced, and nipped at [not to mention the clothing we were wearing completely muddied] by people's "pet" dogs while we were in local parks or out hiking on some of our beautiful local trails [where this everybody-gets-my-dog-in-their-face policy is already in place]...)

I am aware that there are "rules" that are intended/supposed to limit the incredible sense of presuming upon others and self-entitlement that these dog creeps [for the most part] display, but they are routinely ignored by these animal-subjugating fools, and there's never anyone around to enforce those rules anyway. And if you do call Animal Control, they come around in about an hour [IF you're lucky] when the dog and their subjugator person are already LONG gone and completely unfindable. (And if *I* enforce the right to be unharassed myself with a can of pepper spray, they have a friggin' melt down about "how could anyone DARE to do something like that to MY precious little DOGGY???"... I have been [VERY loudly and VERY aggressively] threatened with direct personal violence on several occasions where these people's stupid F'ing dogs have attacked me and I sprayed them [as little as functionally possible] to protect myself)...

What is up with this DOG thing in BOISE??? Is EVERYBODY here so [unacknowledgedly] chronically depressed and chronically low self-esteem that they can find no other way than enslaving some poor stupid animal [who can't help but submit to it because of their own tribal and "pack" nature and food/resource-seeking needs] in order to feel half-way powerful and important and generally worthwhile about their lives?? ["Oh no, sir... MY dog really LOVES me... You should see how much we love each other..."] Stupid frigging morons.

I know... All you imbecile "love it or leave it, no matter how rude I am to everyone around me (which I should of course be EVEN MORE entitled to do)" dog-keeping creeps will have a field day barking at me now.



Posted by Heywood on 02/20/2011 at 11:38 AM

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