Dear Minerva,

I'm grieving a difficult breakup. I'm feeling completely devastated by the loss of this relationship. He was someone that I had dreamed of meeting and when he confessed his love for me, I was suddenly the happiest person in the world. He travels a great deal with his work and he told me that he had started seeing someone else. I couldn't accept that so I ended it. Now I'm regretting the decision. Now the world is worse. I don't know what to do. He was my only strength and now I'm lost.


Is Hindsight 20/20?

Dear Hindsight,

Difficult breakups can be one of the most emotionally painful things that we go through in life. Investments of the heart are always high stakes. You have a decision to make. If you are 100-percent on board with sharing him, level with him and see if it can work. If you are not 100-percent on board with opening up your relationship to this sort of thing, then you are better to walk away and seek the kind of relationship you want. There is nothing wrong with making that kind of decision. He may have seemed like your strength but he can't take that credit. He was only holding a mirror up to the strength that you already possess within yourself. Whatever you decide, give yourself time to grieve over the decision if necessary, and then tap into your strength and create something beautiful from it.

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