Hockey Hawker in the Penalty Box 

A former employee at a Boise City-owned skating rink could be on ice for a long time after performing the classic hockey foul known as a crosscheck-that is, he "crossed" out the proper address on a delivery form, while paying for hockey equipment with a city "check."

Robert Burns, 46, was charged with grand theft and computer crime for pulling the old switcheroo while working as the manager of Cutting Edge Sports, the pro shop at Idaho Ice World. According to Boise Police, a vendor notified city officials, who had purchased the rink in January of 2004, that Ice World's purchases were being delivered to an off-site address. An investigation showed that Burns was making the orders using city account numbers, and officials were able to intercept the equipment before it was sold for profit to unsuspecting rubes-or so they thought.

A recent internal audit of Cutting Edge Sports by the city revealed that at least $10,000 worth of additional equipment had turned up on the online auction site eBay, all traceable to Burns and all paid for and shipped out to the auction winners. Officers believe the merchandise was once again acquired using city account numbers. Since taking over Ice World, city officials say they have instituted a new inventory system and implemented new policies for inventory and receipting.

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