Holiday Helicopter Rides 

Think you've done enough oohing and ahhing at light-bedecked trees and motorized, caroling reindeers? Well, then you obviously haven't taken a Christmas light tour by helicopter. Sound extravagant? It most certainly is.

Silverhawk Aviation is helping Boiseans to disassociate helicopters with bad things--local news traffic cams and Life Flight--one whirling ride at a time. For $50 per person (or $125 per couple) you can soar across Boise, 'coptering over downtown, Idaho Botanical Gardens, the Foothills, a few lit up neighborhoods and back to Western Aircraft.

Though rides last only around 15 minutes, use that time wisely to sip on champagne while you scoff at all the plebs down below, piling into their teensy weensy mini vans and strapping on their cheap 3D Christmas glasses. The view is so much better from the sky, don't you think, dahling? Chortle. Chortle.

Flights depart nightly at sunset through Friday, Jan., 1, 2010, $50 per person with three people, $125 per couple, or $150 for three people, Silverhawk Aviation at Western Aircraft, 4300 S. Kennedy St., Boise, 208-338-1800. For more information or to make reservations, call 208-453-8577 or e-mail

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