Holocaust Survivor Forwards Insights to Youth at Eagle High School 

Wednesday, Jan. 30

Marion Blumenthal Lazan's family fled to Holland during Hitler's rise to power, but the boats that would have taken them to safety in America were sunk by the Nazis, and Blumenthal Lazan spent the next six years in transit and concentration camps, including Bergen-Belsen in Germany. Though her entire family survived World War II, her father died of typhus soon after the family's release.

Since 1979, she has been sharing her insights and experiences in lecture halls and classrooms to raise awareness of the Holocaust. Wednesday, Jan. 30, at 7 p.m., she'll share, along with plenty of anecdotes, her insights into perseverance, the power of creativity, the importance of being true to one's self and the necessity of accepting others at the behest of the Eagle High School History Club through a grant from the Idaho Humanities Council.

Blumenthal Lazan's story of survival in Nazi-occupied Europe, which is the subject of her memoir Four Perfect Pebbles, PBS documentary Marion's Triumph and a two-act musical, is full of life lessons about overcoming hardship, and, according to the Eagle High School History Club, shares it with children "so that they will recognize the horrors of this period in world history."

"We are the last generation given the honor of hearing first-hand from a survivor," said the History Club in a press release.

The presentation runs 45 minutes and concludes with a question and answer session.

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