Hot Dish: Sweetwater's Tropic Zone's Spicy Curried Avocado 

When I first heard word of this curried avocado dish from a co-worker, my face twisted as I envisioned warm lumps of spicy, fatty green goo slowly browning on a mound of rice. The idea of cooking avocado just seems so antithetical to the point of the fresh buttery fruit. Thankfully, when Sweetwater’s uber-rich curried avocado and jasmine rice masterpiece ($14) was set on the table, I saw that the avocado itself wasn’t curried, but rather, floated atop a dollop of spicy yellow coconut curry sauce.

Other fresh additions to the dish were hunks of raw tomato, bright green flecks of cilantro and razor thin slivers of green onion. But even with all the chopped fresh veggies, this dish never dreamed of squeezing into the salad’s little black dress. It was an unrepentant comfort food calorie bomb. All of the textures and flavors slow danced together—fiery coconut curry spice pressed up against cool avocado and sweet raisins; crunchy grilled coconut and peanuts groping chewy soft rice.

While I wouldn’t advise trying to tackle this hefty plate on your own unless you’ve got ample time to hibernate in a food coma cave, it’s a great dish to go halvsies on—and pairs fantastically with a side of savory green plantain fries ($3.50) and a couple mini bottles of bubbly ($4.50 each).

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