Hotel 43 Presents: Be Inspired 

Hotel 43 has collaborated with local music producers Bill Coffey, Kris Robinson and Boise recording studio The Tonic Room to compile an album of local musicians who donated their time and music to benefit the 2009 Olympics and the Special Olympics. The album features many signature Boise names in local music: Marcus Eaton, Ned Evett, Kris Doty and Steve Fulton, to name a few. A total of 11 musicians make for a fairly diverse set of tracks, though many of the songs carry a similar tone. Eaton and Evett especially echo each other with radio-ready sounds that would be at home alongside much of today's mainstream rock. Both songs are highly polished technically, but neither is particularly unique.

Doty's song "Whale" stands apart from the rest of the album with a musical style that is both lyrical and edgy. Her clean, sultry voice is at once evocative and assertive. The album is worth buying just to hear this lovely composition.

Some of the music falls flat in the originality department, but the recording is technically very good. The Tonic Room did a great job of re-mastering the album and it's apparent that a lot of time and effort went into the creation of Be Inspired. It's heartening to see a local business such as Hotel 43 spearheading a project like this and contributing to worthy causes such as the Olympic Games and the Special Olympics. This album is a great way to introduce Boise's talent to a wider audience while making a social contribution.

Copies of Be Inspired can be purchased at the Hotel 43 front desk for $15.

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