I Am Love 

An Italian feast for movie-goers

A midsummer's Italian picnic is served at I Am Love.

The menu includes a starter of the visual delights of northern Italy: the streetscapes of Milan, the seascapes of Sanremo, and the flora of the Italian Alps.

Next, perhaps would be a wine from Italy's Piedmont region: something sweet maybe, but enough alcohol to expose feelings of remorse or even lust.

Finally, the main course is Tilda Swinton. The porcelain skinned Oscar-winner is note-perfect as Emma, the matriarch of the affluent Recchi family. But there is no discreet charm to this 21st century bourgeoisie. There are too many secrets and lies that lay beneath the Recchi's world of order and precision. Their perfect furnishings, clothes, and tapestries are candlelit in the deepest of winter and moonlit on summer evenings. So you just know in your bones that it will all be betrayed.

And in due time, there is a power struggle between father and son, a sexual secret from a daughter, and an affair between mother and son's best friend. And a surprise ending for dessert.

Do yourself a favor this summer; make a reservation for a fine Italian meal...and save some room for I Am Love.

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