This is no joke. Rapper Ice-T has joined forces with the year-old Planet Ice Cream, Inc., of New York to sell Posse Pops to the urban youth market. What does Ice-T have to say about the partnership?

"My shit is for adults. How do I talk to a kid, really? What's the one thing kids universally run to? That damn [ice cream] truck."

Posse pops come in three typical ice cream-on-a-stick combos: peanut butter ice cream with dark chocolate coating, vanilla with milk chocolate and vanilla with crunchy milk coating. The names, however, certainly indicate the company's appeal to their target market: Wild Thang, Blowing Up and Knock You Out. Way to encourage nonviolence.

Posse Pops has a tricked-out truck that makes the rounds in the Big Apple, but sorry Boise, no Posse Pops here, although the Web site looks promising for an online store. Check it out at


Apparently it's not cool enough to just be a rap star anymore. You have to have your own clothing line and your own beverage line. Rappers and hip-hop movers and shakers are all jumping on the bandwagon.

Nothing moves in the world of rap without the official nod from Def Jams Records czar Russell Simmons, but apparently his iron-clad grip on hip-hop culture extends beyond his music label and renowned fashion line Phat Farm. In a self-described effort to uplift the minds of Generation E, Simmons' new energy drink Defcon3 promises to "Energize, Empower and Excel." Sounds like tall orders for the contents of an aluminum can, but at least you can get 140 percent of your daily required amount of vitamin C and some percentage of your needed dose of five essential B vitamins. Check out 7-11 for the goods.

Ice-T makes an appearance twice in this week's column. Not only does he endorse ice cream, he's peddling his own bright blue energy drink, Liquid Ice. Ice T is equally eloquent about Liquid Ice as he is about Posse Pops. "A true hustler needs energy to keep his game tight," so says the man who is named after a beverage.

Nelly's neon green pimp juice made of 10 percent apple juice and the energy-boosting amino acids taurine and guarana has stirred up quite a ruckus among several African-American organizations who claim the name pimp juice has negative connotations. What do Nelly's people have to say? According to a press release the drink has a "sweet yet tart flavor that mixes perfectly with numerous vodkas."

Other notable hip-hop forays into the drink biz: P Diddy (aka Puff Daddy, Puffy, Sean Combs) has a line of fruit juices named, of course, Diddy. Rockafeller Records CEO, Damon Dash, recently purchased the rights to Armadale Vodka. Perhaps Nelly will be changing his "numerous vodkas" to an endorsement of Dash's goods. :

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