Idaho Ag Fired Up at Clif Bar's 'Mr. Seed,' Calling Video 'Propaganda' 

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When Clif Bar swung the doors open on its $90 million, 275,000-square-foot bakery in Twin Falls, members of Idaho's agricultural community were there to cheer its presence. Now, Idaho ag industry leaders are crying foul at Clif Bar's "Mr. Seed" campaign, which reportedly slams "conventional agriculture."

Capital Press reports a Clif Bar video "features a foul-mouthed animated character—Mr. Seed—that depicts conventional agriculture as shady, producing 'pharm food,' and running the world with pesticides, performance-enchancing chemicals and GMO seed."

The Food Producers of Idaho told Capital Press they've fired off a letter to Clif Bar executives asking that the video be removed from the company's website ASAP. The letter reads, “The deceptive imagery throughout the video can only be seen as propaganda designed to manipulate consumers. Perpetuating myths about conventional farming, as seen in the ‘Mr. Seed’ video, brings harm to hardworking farmers and ranchers around the country.”

A Clif Bar spokesman told the Capital Press that the company hadn't received the letter and once it did, "We'll have a much better sense of their specific concerns and we'll be better able to address the matter."

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