Idaho GOP Kicks Presidential Caucus to the Curb 

After holding one of the largest Republican presidential caucuses in the nation during the 2012 election season—attracting every major GOP candidate—Idaho Republican leaders now say they don't want a repeat performance in 2016.

This morning's Idaho State Journal reports that the Republican State Central Committee decided to nix a future caucus. The Journal reports that the vote was close—a 20 vote margin—but GOP county committee leaders voted against the caucus model, saying they wanted to have "more say in the selection of a presidential candidate."

The Journal reports that the majority of opposition to the caucus system came from GOP leaders from North Idaho. Kootenai County, with Coeur d’Alene as its population center, was among the most vocal in opposition to the caucus system, according to one party official.

The Journal reports that county Republican leaders in Southeast Idaho's Bingham, Bannock, Power, Franklin, Bear Lake and Oneida counties supported keeping the caucus system.

The GOP State Central Committee, which met in Boise Jan. 3-4, also killed a resolution to legalize marijuana in Idaho, which was submitted by Blaine County Republicans.

The Journal reports that resolutions that did pass were:

- A move to push the state Republican Party to develop a plank on immigration reform that includes securing the borders, opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants already in the U.S., and opposing teaching English as a second language.

- A call for public school districts and universities to develop Web pages that give full transparency to finances.

- A reaffirmation of the right to bear arms and protection of the Second Amendment.

- A call to support the free speech and civil rights of university students.

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