Idaho Power No-Cost Energy-Savings Kits 

From at-home recycle bins to bike rental services to reusable shopping bags, environmentally beneficial practices are more readily adopted when they are both inexpensive and convenient. We're not being judgmental here, but if adding a waste-reducing faucet adapter or replacing conventional incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient LEDs was cheap and easy, we probably would already have done it. Kudos if you have made efficiency changes but, for the rest of us, Idaho Power has the perfect nudge for its residential customers: No-Cost Energy-Saving Kits

Free and sent directly to your house, the kits include LED bulbs, an LED light-activated night light, a digital thermometer to check fridge and freezer temps, a test bag to measure water flow rate, a shower timer and, for customers with electric water heaters, faucet aerators for kitchen and bath. The items help reduce waste and save energy, which, in turn, saves you money—cheaper (free) and easier (shipped right to your door) there ain't.

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