Idaho Pronunciation Guide 

Say it like a local

Boise (Boy-see)

Basque (Bask)

Cassia (Cash-uh)

Chinden (Shin-din)

Coeur d'Alene (Core-duh-lane)

Crapo (Cray-poh)

Gernika (Ger-nee-ka)

Kootenai (Koo-tun-ee)

Kuna (Q-na)

Les Bois (Lay-bwa)

Manitou (Man-i-too)

Moscow (Moss-co)

Owyhee (O-why-hee)

Payette (Pay-yet)

Phillippi (Phil-ih-pie)

Resseguie (Rez-i-gyoo)

Shoshone (Show-shown)

Targhee (Tar-gee)

Teton (Tee-tawn)

Weiser (Wee-zur)

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