Idaho Rep. Heather Scott: 'My Apology Will Never Be Good Enough' 

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Though an abundance of words were exchanged last week in the ever-escalating melodrama starring Rep. Heather Scott (R-Blanchard), Week No. 3 of the 2017 Idaho Legislature is poised to begin Monday, Jan. 23, right where it left off.

House Speaker Scott Bedke (R-Oakley) stripped Scott of her committee assignments on Jan. 12, after Rep. Christy Perry (R-Nampa) complained to leadership about a growing concern over Scott's "paranoid and aggressive behavior." Perry's letter was in response to Scott reportedly saying in a December GOP meeting that female House members gained leadership positions if they "spread their legs."

In response, Scott wrote, "I call it like I see it" on her Facebook page.

The plot thickened on Jan. 16, when five Republican lawmakers stood on the floor of the Idaho House and, in solidarity with Scott, asked Bedke to also remove their committee assignments until Scott's were restored. Bedke refused their requests.

Two days later, a detente seemed possible. On her Facebook page, Scott posted a letter she wrote to Bedke, in which she urged him to use "leadership skills to bring about the reconciliation that is needed."

For Bedke, the letter was missing a simple but critical element: an apology—particularly to the legislators she targeted with her sex-for-power remarks.

"Her careless words have impugned the morality and integrity of a lot of good people," Bedke told the Associated Press. "Words mean something."

The week ended with Scott, again on Facebook, insisting she had apologized, but to no avail.

"It is obvious to me that my apology will never be good enough for the Speaker of the House," she wrote. "Is this a personal issue against me? Does he want to keep the headlines going?"

Bedke then told the Spokesman-Review, "It was not my actions that put her on this course of events, and it will be her actions that get us off this course of events, not mine."

Meanwhile, when the Legislature reconvenes Monday, members of at least 11 committees or subcommittees will consider the people's business—without Rep. Scott.

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