Idaho Statesman Rebuts Paulette Jordan's Remarks in BW Interview 

In the just-published edition of Boise Weekly, gubernatorial hopeful Paulette Jordan spoke to a Sept. 20 article authored by Idaho Statesman reporter Cynthia Sewell which linked the resignation of Michael Rosenow, who'd been Jordan's campaign manager since July, to concerns over the campaign's alleged ties to a political action committee, the Strength and Progress PAC.  Jordan said that Sewell's story "latched" onto "baseless rumors" instead of "her doing the research or hearing our side of the story." Additionally, Jordan said the Statesman was "fed all kinds of rhetoric from the Republican Party and they're going to smear our campaign and our good will in every way possible."

"They got it wrong," said Jordan when asked about the Sept. 20 Statesman story.

Jordan's remarks, in turn, got the attention of Statesman Executive Editor Rhonda Prast and Statesman Watchdog & Politics Editor Nate Poppino, who issued the following statement to Boise Weekly on Wednesday afternoon:

"At the Idaho Statesman, we agree, it's important to stick to facts. Cynthia Sewell is a respected journalist with a long history of accurate reporting, including five years at Boise Weekly and 13 with the Statesman. We made extensive efforts to speak to Paulette Jordan and her campaign staff for our Sept. 20 article—they helped verify the authenticity of the emails we received. We included their public statements on the PAC in our report. We were not 'fed' this story by the Republican Party. And our article made no mention of a California fundraiser—we did ask if Jordan attended, but her campaign didn't respond to that question. We would gladly correct any factual errors, but we haven't been told of any, despite our multiple invitations to the Jordan campaign to talk about their concerns. We look forward to that conversation when they're ready to have it."
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