Idaho Woman Accused of Matrimonial Pesticide 

Shh ... we've replaced Jerry Hook of Blackfoot's regular coffee with d-CON flavor crystals. Well, not really us-actually, his ex-wife, Brenda Hook, who was arrested last week and charged with administering poison with the intent to kill.

According to a report in the Idaho State Journal, Brenda Hook allegedly put the rat poison in a coffee maker owned by her former hubby (humans, like rats, do not generally mate for life). That way, every time Jerry brewed his morning java, he would also receive a flavor-shot of warfarin, a toxic anticoagulant that causes internal bleeding in rodents, humans and other beasts. The victim reportedly suspected he was being poisoned when he became ill, and then felt better when he stopped drinking coffee. Funny, you'd think that the taste would also be a tip-off. Guess that depends on how much one's coffee already tastes like rat poison.

Police have not been able to determine whether the Hooks were residing in the same cage at the time of the poisoning, but Brenda definitely had access to it. She was arrested after a series of interviews and a raid of her belongings. Brenda has denied the charges and remains in custody at Bingham County Jail on a $70,000 bond. Her lawyer backs her denial, saying he would ask for a reduction in her bail. Unlike a rat, Brenda is not a flight risk.

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