Idahoans Create Films on the Fly at I48 

Saturday, June 9-Sunday, June 10

Anyone who has woken up with an epic hangover has probably stumbled into the bathroom and grumbled the phrase, "I'm never doing that again."

Anyone who has ever taken part in i48 has probably had a similar experience after the conclusion of the filmmaking marathon, in which teams of filmmakers must write, shoot, edit, score and deliver a complete film in the space of 48 hours. Tempers flare, creative differences pop up, corners are cut and magic is made. By a certain point, all anyone wants is to sleep, and yet like a 21st birthday party, they are duty-bound to plow on.

But like drinking a little too much now and then, what brings filmmakers back to the contest year after year is the fact that they made a movie. And from time to time, they made a good movie. And as much as the short time frame limits the production scope, it also opens doors when filmmakers can't second-guess creative instincts.

If you want to know what that looks like, you're in luck since all the completed films will be screened, voted upon and showered with awards.

The general screening will be held at The Flicks Saturday, June 9, with films shown in blocks.

Sunday, June 10, the films selected as the best of the festival will be shown at the Egyptian Theatre and presented with a series of awards, including a big-ass cash prize for the overall best film.

That money will then likely immediately be blown buying round after round of celebratory drinks so that the filmmakers can once again awake, bleary-eyed and in pain, to boldly announce to the bathroom mirror: "I'm never doing that again."


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