Idaho's Number Two Terrorist 

Free advice to travelers: Next time a certain urge strikes you while driving through the Southwestern Idaho town of Fruitland, BYO air sanitizer. Lighting a match, it appears, might only make the problem worse, after the Fruitland City Council approved a measure last month making an "odor nuisance" a misdemeanor crime punishable by a $1,000 fine.

In the words of the new city code, this menace to society amounts to: "Allowing odor from fire, feces, manufacturing processes, commercial processing, waste treatment or from any other source to travel beyond property boundaries or travel into the city limits, which odor annoys, injures or endangers the health, safety or well-being of any number of persons."

"Annoys" is the word that proved to be the biggest obstacle in pushing this piece of legislation out—er, through, to the point that councilman Ed Pierson told the Argus Observer that its inclusion was "asking for trouble." Thus, to avoid any unpleasant misinterpretations, here's some more free advice to travelers: Next time the aforementioned urge hits, drive over to Idaho Falls instead and poop, well, anywhere you like. That sort of annoyance is all the rage in Eastern Idaho, if the footage being broadcast by the KIDK Channel 3 news team is to be believed (and having watched the video at, it is to be believed). In IF, reporter Mary Sturgill revealed, a so-called "phantom pooper" has been making regular deposits under an overpass in one neighborhood police have taken to staking out his dumping grounds. As of October 14, the culprit had not been located.

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