Ignite Boise 

Thursday, Oct. 27

PowerPoint presentations aren't usually exciting. Many of us have sat through a droning presentation about sales figures or the proper use of gerunds or any number of snooze-worthy topics. Not even whizzing animations can spice up these otherwise mind-numbing slideshows.

If you've come to fear and loathe PowerPoint, Ignite Boise will cure you and perhaps foster a new fascination. This volunteer-run, for-fun event gives local presenters five minutes, 20 PowerPoint slides and no limit to the topics they may talk about.

Ignite Boise 7 will include 16 speakers, four of whom were chosen by an audience vote. Some are even high-profile local personalities, like KTRV Channel 12 News anchor Stacey Skrysak.

The topics at Ignite Boise 7 vary from the history of facial fur in Beards: A Time of Need, to the countless ways auto-correct can cripple budding writers and speed-texters in Did You Mean Ignore Noise? How Auto-Correct and Typos Are Running Are World. More serious presentations include topics like improving bicycle safety in Boise, the art of living simply in a 97-square-foot house and even the emergence of new digital currencies like Bitcoin.

With these enlightening, funny and dramatic presentations, you might even learn more in three hours than you learned in four years watching college professors' PowerPoint lectures.

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