Ignored Advice Leads to Felony DUI Arrest 

A guardian angel was watching over a 60-year-old Boise woman on a recent Friday.

We say that because, as the woman stumbled to her car in a parking lot on the 10000 block of West Ustick on Oct. 2, she was spotted by Boise Police officers.

Here's where the guardian angel's intervention becomes apparent. Our woman was spotted by cops with hearts. Instead of arresting her on the spot for public intoxication, the kind officers let her go with a warning not to drive her car in that condition.

But the woman was evidently too drunk to notice her guardian angel at work. Instead of calling a cab, she blew off the cops' advice, and tried to drive out of the parking lot. Which the BPD officers couldn't allow.

After being arrested and transported to the county jail, the woman blew a .23--almost three times the legal limit of .08. And a quick records search turned up a prior DUI conviction, elevating the current charge to a felony.

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