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Local funky metal band Trikata is no more. The band played its last show at Knitting Factory July 26, opening for Floater. Trikata had to call it quits after the band's chief songwriter and guitarist, Dave "Banana Hands" Clemens, decided to move back to the horse Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter wants to shoot (California, for those of you who don't keep track of the ramblings of our fearless leader).

"We wish Dave all the best in his travels back home, we love you and will miss you! Who knows, maybe a reunion will come together, someday?" the band posted to its Facebook page.

Another band that just wrapped things up in Boise is Workin' on Fire. The high-school all-stars are no longer in high school and have announced plans to collectively jet off to the Seattle area to enjoy all the rain and musical anonymity that Boise can't offer the power-trio. Workin' on Fire celebrated getting out of Dodge with a headlining show at Knitting Factory July 28.

In a move in the opposite direction, local pop-punkers Hotel Chelsea is no longer bi-metro. The band's frontman Ryan Sampson was living in Las Vegas for a job and commuting back to Boise for band practice, but it didn't last. The Boise black hole strikes again.

Another place that was struck, thunderstruck to be precise, was Iran's nuclear facilities. Yahoo News reported that one of the symptoms of the malware that the nation has been battling is that infected computers start playing "Thunderstruck," by AC/DC, at full volume and on repeat. Kudos to whatever night-stalking hacker genius slipped in that line of code. But would it be too cliche to get some Napalm Death in the playlist?

Another international music shenanigan, though a decidedly less funny one, is going down in Russia, where the punk band Pussy Riot is currently on trial for a music video that featured the band dressed in colorful ski masks and causing a general ruckus inside of a Russian church as part of a "punk prayer" that was a fairly direct critique of the Putin regime.

According to The Guardian, the women are being charged with "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred."

The video can be seen on YouTube under the headline Russian Riot Grrrl Protest. The three members of the band are facing up to seven years in prison.

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