India Gifts 

Though India Gifts is technically an Indian gift store, it puts the bangle in Bangladesh. The 4-month-old shop, located west of Vista Ave. on Overland Road, has every glittery, sparkly, size, color and quantity of authentic Indian bangle bracelets that could possibly fit into a small, 20-by-20-foot space. And the best part? They're hella cheap. Like 12 for $1 on glass bracelets and 10 for $1 for the metal ones.

After owner Joan Sherman's husband died of cancer, a friend suggested she open an Indian gift import store to occupy her time. Now, the same pal sends her frequent Fed Ex shipments from India--everything from jewelry to wind chimes to purses to clothing to bindis--which line the walls and shelves of the ex-shoe-shine shop.

The store, situated next to a massage parlor, is stocked with tons of gigantic costume jewelry necklaces, patterned scarves and row after row of diwali candle holders, all priced super duper inexpensively. The spot also houses some random tchotchkes like posters of female Indian celebrities, glossy Indian magazines with the shipping labels trimmed off and hanging window decorations.

Sherman hopes to be getting in some more adult and children's clothing soon and currently only accepts cash.

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