Innocent Man 

Feb. 5, Knitting Factory

Some people say Idaho is the northernmost Southern state. Listening to the rollicking, country-fried, rock of Innocent Man, the comparison rings true. "Slow Nights in Idaho," the title track on the Boise sextet's new album (Slow Nights, February 2016), is a boozy anthem to cheerful nihilism. From drinking "whiskey in the mornin' with my peaches and cream," to ripple and rye by the fire, it's a 24-hour party with nothing to lose because "tomorrow don't give a damn about me." On a scale of Ram Jam to Hank Williams Sr., Innocent Man lands somewhere closer to the former, but there is more nuance to the band's sound than a reference to Ram Jam might suggest. Singer Kristin Burns can belt it out with just the right tinge of twang, and the fiddle and organ accompaniments provide touches of Americana and rocking gospel.

Innocent Man is a helluva good time, and a helluva good time it will be when Slow Nights drops at the Knitting Factory, Friday, Feb. 5.

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