Interesting Times 

Here's to you and us.

On Jan. 1 we will all (hopefully) have safely passed through the final test of strength in that gauntlet we call "the holidays"; the giant potato will have dropped in the Grove and it will be 2014. From what I've seen published as year-end reviews, it couldn't have come sooner. 2013 was a tough one.

Personally, 2013 was monumental. A year ago, I was a work-at-home dad, filing freelance stories for Boise Weekly from Sandpoint and copy editing the Pacific Northwest Inlander. My son was 5 months old, crawling around my feet and--when sitting in my lap as I worked at the computer--doing his best to insert errors into my articles. My wife was teaching eighth-graders.

I had no idea that in 365 days I would have bought a house, moved 400 miles south and become BW's editor-in-chief. My wife would have laughed if someone told her last year that she'd be an adjunct professor at Boise State University. About the only thing that was expected in 2013 was that my son would be a hellion on two legs (mission accomplished).

Like all monumental things, there has been plenty of bad with the good. When I officially started as editor in late January 2013, our staff box looked very different. A combination of recessionary pressures, changing technology and media consumption trends have meant hard economic times. BW has not been spared the challenges of the times, and that has required a lot of hard decisions in what turned out to be the hardest year for Boise Weekly since the turn of the century.

We've survived, though, and adapted. Going into 2014, all signs point to a smoother road. Readership is up--both online and in print--and revenue is back on track. The team here is rock solid and excited about the future. Our new smartphone app, BW On the Town, has launched, and we'll be unveiling a new special publication in February (we'll also host our Fiction 101 party at Rediscovered Books that month. Read the winners starting on Page 10, and watch for party details later).

Helping lead Boise Weekly during this time has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life, and I can't say enough about both my fellow Weekly-ers and the Boise community as a whole, to which I am deeply grateful for their support of this newspaper.

Here's to you and to us, with all the best wishes that whatever monumental things lay ahead in the next 365 days leave us happy, healthy and glad they happened.

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