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A few months back, I heard News Editor George Prentice tell a group of journalism students at Boise State that an internship is a great way to know what you don't want to do for a living. And while he got a laugh out of the room, he wasn't kidding. I thought back to my own internship experiences in college and realized he was right. I spent a semester as a teacher's aid in an English class and a semester as an assistant to a grant writer at a local educational museum. Guess what I never want to do for a living: teach and/or write grants.

Three times a year, we solicit internship applications from undergrads who want to test-drive journalism. I know a few have left grateful for their experience at Boise Weekly but decidedly turned off from journalism. But I know it's gone completely the other direction for most.

On July 30, the fall application process opened for prospective interns. Applicants must be college students seeking credit and they must commit to working August through December. This isn't your typical coffee-fetching, data-entry, filing-busy-work internship. We expect you to report, write, produce slideshows and video reports, and attend editorial meetings. If we do our job right, when students complete their internship with Boise Weekly, they'll have a portfolio of print and digital clips showing off their blogging skills, as well as their writing skills on the printed page.

If you've never read a Boise Weekly, don't even bother to apply. If swearing offends you, BW ain't for you. If you're all business and no fun, might we suggest you look elsewhere. If you're fearless, know what a dangling modifier is and how to edit it, want a trial-by-fire kind of internship experience but want to have a little fun, we're your internship destination.

To be considered send a resume and a 500-word nonfiction writing sample (published or not) to before 5 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 9. Interviews will be conducted Monday, Aug. 13, through Thursday, Aug. 16.

The final word for this week: go forth and vote. Best of Boise voting is under way at Click on the banner under the nav bar to get to the online ballot.

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