Intro to Remote Viewing 

Thursday, Feb. 26

Out-of-body experience.

Out-of-body experience.

In the 2009 film The Men Who Stare at Goats, George Clooney's character trains soldiers in "parapsychological" techniques—from invisibility and dematerialization to killing with psychic energy. One of those techniques was also "remote viewing"—the ability to cast one's mind out-of-body to spy on enemies anywhere. Asked how he remote views, Clooney's character says, "I drink. And I find classic rock helps." Specifically, "Boston. Boston usually works."

Though fictional, Goats was based on a real government project--the U.S. military's Stargate project (now declassified)--to train "psychic spies." Mark Murdock, with Right Hemispheric, will be in Boise to give a presentation on what remote viewing is and isn't, provide some examples of how it works (not including booze or Boston, we presume) and show its life-changing properties.

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