Investigative Journalist Eric Schlosser to Speak in Sun Valley 

Best-Selling Author of Reefer Madness and Fast Food Nation

Smoking pot and eating burgers: Doesn't sound like the worst way to research a book. Eric Schlosser, author of Reefer Madness and Fast Food Nation, is headed to Ketchum to answer questions and discuss his latest nonfiction expose about the effects of nuclear weapons.

After gaining journalistic chutzpah with his less-than-tender approach to marijuana, migrant labor and pornography in Reefer Madness, Schlosser went all David and Goliath against the hyper-conglomerate fast food corporations. Fast Food Nation disclosed everything from the undesirable conditions and practices involved in rearing and slaughtering hormone-pumped bovines, to the chemically enhanced hamburgers people wait impatiently for in drive-thrus.

Although Schlosser is viewed by many foodies as the modern Upton Sinclair, he's shying away from the gastro-centered industry and focusing on other interests, saying in an interview with British newspaper The Times: "Ultimately, I don't care that much about food! I'm not a gourmand! For me, this subject was a way of looking at this country."

The most recent literary installment in Schlosser's investigative journalism repertoire is called Command and Control and tackles the complex subject of nuclear weapons.

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