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Guitarists, whether gigging professionals or basement hobbyists, often have an insatiable appetite for gear. They scour the Internet for deals on the latest technology and hard-to-find vintage machinery. Simply say the words "1959 Gibson Les Paul," "Dumble" or "Klon Centaur," and many players will break out in a feverish sweat, wishing their credit card limit was higher. And though Jimi Hendrix gave notes soul with his hands and Django Reinhardt compensated a few missing fingers with a unique style, cool gear never hurts.

The underrated Digitech iStomp may not have the most eye-catching design, but it does have an incredible utilitarian effect. One Benjamin (as of this writing, some retailers had sold the product new for as low as $40) buys a pedal that acts as the hardware for the software created by Digitech, a guitar effects manufacturer. Then, download the free Stompshop app to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and simply plug the iOS device into the pedal, select the desired effect and become an axe master. All but one of the downloads are free, and with more than three dozen of them, the iStomp is nearly 40 pedals for the price of one.

And this isn't kids' play--the sounds are impressive and suitable for bedroom rockers and seasoned pros alike. No longer do you have to get a second job to buy a room full of gear, or start building a time machine to take you back to days of yore when iconic guitar effects were first created. Get the iStomp and sound like you did both of those things, when all you actually did was click your mouse a few times. Work smarter, not harder.

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