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Second annual Modern Art both modern and artful

Art spilled from doors, windows, beds, closets, bathrooms and balconies on May's First Thursday as the Modern Hotel held its second annual Modern Art event.

A clown with a French horn blew past a Segway-riding, animal-pelt-wearing scapegoat; a line formed around the building as a bouncer stood in front of Jennifer Wood's and Amy Westover's white furry room allowing only two visitors in at a time; Trey McIntyre Project dancers performed hidden and solitary behind closed doors while their images were projected on flat-screen TVs; BW contributor cartoonist E.J. Pettinger sat at a small table squeezed into a bathroom greeting visitors as they viewed dozens of his characters—oddly captionless and yet still expressive; Kerry Moosman worked terra-cotta-colored clay on an installed wood-slat floor; new BW blogger Fidel Nshombo stood with notebook in hand watching while Sector 17 graffiti artists interpreted Nshomobo's poetry on the hotel's large west-facing wall; all the while thousands of people scooted and squeezed past each other to see the work of these and many more of some of Boise's most creative and clever artists. It was at once exhilarating, overwhelming and extraordinary. And the sheer numbers of attendees milling in the parking lot, waiting in line at the beer tent and stacked three and four deep in the stairwells, rooms and hallways, laughing, remarking and chatting made for an impromptu performance piece.

While many events that hope to become annual end at inaugural, both the anticipation and the pay-off of Modern Art should guarantee it continues year after year. We just can't imagine what the place must have looked like the next morning.

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